Vincent Rever

Tech Humanist

Vincent joined PeopleGro in August, 2020. Vincent has a background in photography and digital art and was the winner of a 2018, Scholastic Art Award Silver Medal. He is extremely passionate about what he does both within Peoplegro and without. One of his biggest passions is social justice and he puts that into practice through his photography, taking portraits of those who are marginalized by society to provide a face and a story to what most people would otherwise be a statistic. A picture humanizes the individual and the group the way no words ever could.

This passion for social justice also extends to Vincent’s work at Peoplegro in a unique way. At Peoplegro we not only provide value to clients within their workplace but also outside of work in their every day lives.

Vincent brings a different energy to PeopleGro. As a  “Tech Humanist,” Vincent focuses on creating positive relationships between people and technology.

Contact Vincent
PH: 313.829.1683